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    About us

    Your business partner, BUSINESS ANGELS INC LIMITED, is a source of income for private investors. Our mission is to connect entrepreneurs with financing sources, help them receive stable income, and ensure financial support for their business.

    A type of risky but high-return investments is buying shares in newly created companies, which soar after registering with a stock exchange.

    BUSINESS ANGELS INC LIMITED unite the efforts of both sides, helping investors to receive the desired passive income and businessmen to obtain financing to realize their dreams.

    It should be noted that this kind of cooperation is beneficial for both, as our mission is to overcome the obstacles in the way of business development. With a well-balanced approach, truly valuable ideas will ensure enough resources for development of a young company.

    Information for investors

    It is difficult to correctly evaluate informal investments, which is why business angels do not advertise their investment activities. We guarantee absolute confidentiality of our services, apart from reliable income and profitable future plans.

    Information for startups

    You can easily find experienced investors on our website. They will support your project financially, and share their business experience. All you need to do is simply apply on our website.

    Information for partners

    Partnering with Business Angels is profitable. The terms of partnership will reduce investment risks and ensure the highest possible returns on the project.

    How it work

    BUSINESS ANGELS INC LIMITED provides a link between investors and startups.
    A skilled team of analysts will carefully evaluate and review all possible scenarios, driving cooperation towards a single goal, i.e. to develop the project and earn income.
    Our experience allows us to review prospective offers faster and more efficiently.
    We will save your time and protect your business from fatal errors.

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    BUSINESS ANGELS INC LIMITED was registered in the United Kingdom in 2016. Operating in the financial consulting market since 2008, our experts have been continuously growing their business management expertise, while managing relatively small amounts of borrowed capital. The experience we gained over the past years has turned us from a small group of investment advisors and analysts into a full-blown vehicle for raising investments online and promoting startups.
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