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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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I would like to become a business angel and invest in startups through your company. What do I need to do?

To invest in BusinessAngels startups, you need to undergo a simple registration procedure. It is free, and will only take a few minutes. After that, you will become an official participant and will be able to perform all transactions according to the rules. Please note that, by agreeing to the Terms of Use during the registration procedure, you automatically confirm that you are of age, are in the country of your citizenship, and do not violate any laws of your country by using this site.

I’m having problems registering.

Problems may arise during registration if the information you have entered is incorrect. Please check carefully that all fields are filled in correctly. If the problem is not solved, contact our customer support or our online assistant on the main page.

When will my account be activated?

Your personal account will be activated immediately after registering on the website. Upon registering, you can enter your investor account and begin using the system.

How do I access my account?

To access your account, click the Enter button on the main page, and type your login and password provided during registration into respective fields.

What should I do immediately after accessing my account?

You can study the system functions, set up security parameters, specify your time zone, and store you payment system details. You can enter your e-wallet details by clicking the Payment Details button. Please note that payment details are save permanently, and to change them, you will have to contact our customer support. This is a precaution, to protect our investors in case criminals obtain access to their accounts.

I can’t enter my account? What can I do?

Please check whether you entered your registration details correctly (login, password). Please note that your login and password are case-sensitive. If you are certain that the details are correct but you still cannot access your account, try another browser. If none of the above helps, contact our online assistant on the website or our customer support at support@business-angels-inc.com

Can I change my personal details in the account?

You can change some of your details in the Settings section of your account. The rest (e-wallet numbers, email address, etc.) can only be changed subject to approval by our technical service, in order to prevent fraud attempts.

Are my personal details secure from unauthorized access?

All information about system participants is stored on high-security dedicated servers. All transactions are processed via secure Internet connections. Your personal details cannot be accessed by other system participants or third parties.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can use our password reminder, which will send an email to the address entered during registration, containing detailed instructions and a password reset/change form. If you do not receive the email, please contact our online assistant on the website, or our customer support at support@business-angels-inc.com

Can I have several open accounts in the system?

Each registered investor can register only one account, where he/she can create an unlimited number of deposits. Multi-accounting is not allowed. We will freeze any funds in such accounts and block access to them. In case of suspected fraud or multi-accounting, BusinessAngels reserves the right to block or prevent account access for violating investors.


How can I top up my account and create a deposit in the BusinessAngels system?

Find the Top Up tab on the main page of your account (Profile section). You can select the top-up method which is the most convenient for you, enter the desired amount, and complete the transfer. The deposit will be registered automatically.

What payment systems can I use to open a deposit?

For your convenience, we support a number of payment systems:


Does the company charge any fees on top-ups?

No fees are charged on top-ups, however, payment systems may charge fees on transfers.

How long will it take to top up my account?

Accounts are topped up according to the rules applied by the payment system, in most cases, instantly. As soon as the transfer is complete and the money is credited to the company’s wallet, a deposit will be opened automatically in your investor account.

Can I open several deposits?

Yes, you can. Each registered investor is allowed to create an unlimited number of deposits.

Can I use my account balance to create a new deposit?

Yes, you can. An investor’s balance can be either cashed out or used to create a new deposit.

Is there a way to know how much I can earn by investing in BusinessAngels?

The first accrual, at a rate of 1% of the deposit amount, will be credited to your account balance 24 hours after opening the deposit. The interest rate will grow daily, at an increment of 0.5%, up to a maximum of 4% per day. You can make a detailed calculation by using the investment calculator on the main page.

What is the effective term of my deposit?

Your deposit has an unlimited term. Your investment will be active and earn profit on a continuous basis. The deposit cannot be withdrawn.

When is the profit accrued?

Profit is accrued daily, except for weekends and holidays. The accrual time is fixed when you create the deposit in the system. For example, if you create your deposit at 11.00, the first accrual to the balance will occur at 11.00, 24 hours later.

When can I cash out?

The payment will be sent to the investor’s e-wallet immediately upon filing a request in the personal account. In rare cases (e.g. force majeure, technical failure, suspicion of fraud), the payment may take up to 48 hours to process. No fee is charged on the transfer.

How long until I can withdraw my deposit? How can I do it?

Deposit withdrawal is not allowed.

No money has been credited to my wallet. What can I do?

You should immediately contact our customer support at support@business-angels-inc.com, or our online assistant on the website.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can invest?

The minimum amount of investment is only $10. The maximum amount is only limited by your own resources. Please note that the maximum amount of one deposit is $100.000. However, an investor can have an unlimited number of deposits.

What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can cash out?

There are no maximum limits on cash-outs, minimal amount is $0.10. You can cash out any amount from balance in your account.

What are the benefits of the referral program? How can I participate?

Our referral program will earn you additional income, by bringing new investors into the Business Angels system. To this end, you need to make sure that the investors you refer use your referral link, which you can find in the Partners section of your account.

How much is the referral bonus?

With our referral program, you can earn:
12% of the deposit amount of each 1st level referral
2% of the deposit amount of each 2nd level referral
1% of the deposit amount of each 3rd level referral

Moreover, you will receive an additional daily bonus:
12% of daily accruals of each 1st level referral
2% of daily accruals of each 2nd level referral
1% of daily accruals of each 2rd level referral

I want to bring new investors into the Business Angels system, but I have not opened a deposit yet. Can I still participate in the referral program?

Yes, you can. You don’t need an active deposit to participate in the referral program.

When can I cash out my referral money? What are the payout rules?

You can withdraw referral bonuses immediately after they have been accrued to your balance. The payment will be made to your wallet within 24 hours. No fee is charged on the transfer.

I haven’t found an answer to my question. What can I do?

If you have found no answer to your question, contact our online assistant, or our customer support at support@business-angels-inc.com