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The main goal of any investor is to earn stable daily income, while being exposed to minimum investment risk and being sure that his/her funds are secure.
To serve this goal, we created Business – Angels Limited, a company which has helped many businessmen grow their profits. Through a careful analysis of the startup market, we minimize investment risk. The guaranteed privacy provided by our service opens up a broad choice of investment opportunities for businessmen.

Instant payments

Our company makes payments in automatic mode instantly after creating the request for withdrawal.
The modern interface provides ease of use of the site. Using a personal account, you will always see the status of your personal account: how much money on account and what income you have received today.
Earning income on deposits occurs automatically every business day at the same time.
Profitability deposit increases in increments of 0.5% per day to a maximum of 4% daily.

  • Income from 1% to 4% daily
  • Profits grow by 0.5% every day. The first day will earn 1%, the second, 1.5%, etc., up to a maximum of 4%, earning constant profit for you.
  • Interest accrued on weekdays
  • Cash-out requests are processed automatically, with money immediately credited to your e-wallet. The maximum delay of payments due to technical problems can be up to 24 hours.
  • The minimum deposit is $10, maximum is $100 000
How it work?

Business – Angels Limited provides a link between investors and startups. A skilled team of analysts will carefully evaluate and review all possible scenarios, driving cooperation towards a single goal, i.e. to develop the project and earn income.
Our experience allows us to review prospective offers faster and more efficiently. We will save your time and protect your business from fatal errors.

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